New Zealand Baptist Bible Training Program

The New Zealand Baptist Bible Training Program (or NZBBTP for short) is an interchurch Bible College level training program.  The NZBBTP is a modular style course. This means students learn just one or two modules at a time over two to three weeks in one particular church before moving on to another church for another module. The students will learn from a variety of teachers in a variety of churches over the duration of their course.

The NZBBTP offers a one year study program which is designed to give students a solid foundation in Bible doctrine before they move on to further work or study. This is an excellent option for a ‘gap year’ if young people have finished High School and are not sure what God’s will is for their next step.

There is also a second year of study which can be undertaken that builds on the one year program. The completion of both years of the NZBBTP will provide the essential basis of a Bible College degree. Each church hosts the students and teaches the modules along with discipleship in many practical ministries of the local church.

Our prayer is that this program will provide students with a solid doctrinal foundation for their futures along with a grounding in many practical ministries that will then be utilised by the graduates in their local churches.

For a course prospectus or further info please contact us here at FBC or Pastor Guy Bankston at Harvest Baptist Church, Palmerston North.