These are our different church ministries

Men's Ministry

We regularly run activities that will encourage our men to fulfill their roles in the home and the community.

In a day and age where the institution of marriage and the family is neglected by so many, we strive to encourage and equip our men to be all they can be according to Scripture.  Marriage Seminars, Men’s activities  and our yearly Family Camp all work together to strengthen men of God.

Ladies' Ministry

Every year we are blessed to be able to run a Ladies Retreat at the Narrows Christian Camp facilities. It is a time when we as ladies can get away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life and gather in a place to refocus our eyes on the things of the Lord. We have several speakers who challenge us with God’s word.

Teen Ministries

‘Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth…’ – Ecclesiastes 12:1 

The teen ministry of Fellowship Baptist Church aims to ‘make disciples’ of our young people.  We want to see the youth of our church develop their own Biblical convictions that will keep them serving the Lord with all their talents and abilities throughout their lives.  Entertainment is not a focus of our teen ministry but there is no harm in having fun while we serve God!

Teen 'Skills for Life'

‘Skills for Life’ is a practical, as well as biblical, discipleship program that aims to take the skills of the older generation in church and teach them to the youth along with all the vital, life-changing truths of God’s Word.  This discipleship program has taught our teens basic skills; such as how to do oil changes on a car, basic first aid, self defense and cooking; along with the A to Z of Biblical truths.

Once a year during school term 3 the ‘Skills for Life’ is merged with a competition that lasts the duration of the school term.  Teens earn points for attendance, memory verses, sermon notes, quizzes, acts of initiative and service and inviting friends.  This competition is becoming more hotly contested as each year passes with the winner receiving a quality study Bible and an adventure of a lifetime!

Teen Camp

Every year in April we join an inter-church teen camp at Forest Lakes camp near Otaki.  A full week of solid preaching, team games, memory verses, individual challenges and dorm room devotions leaves our youth spiritually refreshed and challenged for the year ahead.

Teen Outreach

To be a follower of Christ involves being a ‘fisher of men’.  Our young people learn this through downtown evangelism using gospel tracts and teen activities for other youth to attend and hear the gospel while having good clean fun!

Children's Ministry

Creche, Sunday School classes for ages 3-7, Tweens, and an all-ages Junior church

‘But Jesus called them unto him and said, Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God.’ – Luke 18:16

We have some wonderfully gifted and dedicated men and women who love to serve the Lord by teaching young ones the truths of Scripture and how to practically and personally walk with God.

We try to make it possible for every child to be able to hear about the great love of our Saviour. For this reason we have children’s ministries including transportation for those children who may not be able to come to church under their own steam. Please contact us for more information.